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A new dawn of quality is bestowed by the Telugu film industry, aka Tollywood. Frequent past has witnessed back-to-back quality deliveries and top-notch performances in different segments as Plot and scriptwriting, acting, cinematography, and specifically in music as BGMs and all by Tollywood.

A new zombie action horror-comedy movie is now streaming on platforms; Zombie Reddy is a strong technical film with a fantastic story and cinematography. Zombie Reddy is directed by Prasanth Varma and is on track since 5 Feb 2021. A game developer named Mario (TejaSajja), whose new game is on the edge of downfall. To rescue from this situation, Mario heads to Rudravaram in Kurnool to get his friend’s (RJ Hemanth) help in getting the coding right along with his pack, which includes Maggi (Daksha Nagarkar), an interested gamer. On the occasion of his friend’s marriage, he arrived at the destination and founded Nandini Reddy (Anandhi). This disparate bunch soon discovers them striving and assaulting off zombies in reality instead of on digital screens, and the virus is spreading, converting numerous populations; one must find a way to stop the apocalypse.This movie has the entire crux and juice. Also, a quality effort is presented by the makeup team and songwriters. If one wishes to get a good zombie movie covering up all significant aspects, you should probably try not to miss this one.

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