Room salons are a combination of bars and salons within it. Essentially hostess and located underground. This is a place where businessmen choose to discuss their business growth by seating with some beautiful women to serve them liquor and make their conversation. In this case, is a place to get the best room salon experience.

Not only businessmen, but groups of friends can also share the drink with the serving women and share their problems by enjoying the drink. Both men and women can move to the room salon to enjoy the drink and enjoy the night at the bar with events.

The room salon at also provides different services for their clients. Each service offered by them has different quality based on the price of the service. The price also decides the number of managers to provide you with the required service. The price also varies based on the time required per service.


You need to talk to the managers before booking the service about your mood and the mood of the person who comes for the service during the day with the atmosphere of the room. As the room salon managers are well educated to provide the required service by the guest, you can choose the theme and atmosphere along with the mood of the client and the manager.

By deciding the entire requirement for you, you can enjoy the service and have fun without worrying about others in the surrounding. The room salon will help you to spend your time separately with the managers with more comfort and freedom. You can also drink your favorite drink and sing the song in the event if you wish without worrying about others in the room salon. The cost of the bar in the room salon will vary according to your action in their service.