What is a room salon and how it is priced?

Room salons are a combination of bars and salons within it. Essentially hostess and located underground. This is a place where businessmen choose to discuss their business growth by seating with some beautiful women to serve them liquor and make their conversation. In this case, is a place to get the best room salon experience.

Not only businessmen, but groups of friends can also share the drink with the serving women and share their problems by enjoying the drink. Both men and women can move to the room salon to enjoy the drink and enjoy the night at the bar with events.

The room salon at also provides different services for their clients. Each service offered by them has different quality based on the price of the service. The price also decides the number of managers to provide you with the required service. The price also varies based on the time required per service.


You need to talk to the managers before booking the service about your mood and the mood of the person who comes for the service during the day with the atmosphere of the room. As the room salon managers are well educated to provide the required service by the guest, you can choose the theme and atmosphere along with the mood of the client and the manager.

By deciding the entire requirement for you, you can enjoy the service and have fun without worrying about others in the surrounding. The room salon will help you to spend your time separately with the managers with more comfort and freedom. You can also drink your favorite drink and sing the song in the event if you wish without worrying about others in the room salon. The cost of the bar in the room salon will vary according to your action in their service.

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Koogle Kuttappa Movie Review

Koogle Kuttappa Movie Review

Koogle Kuttappa is a brilliant sci-fi, comedy and drama movie that Tamil movie lovers would love to see. This is a movie that showcases the life of a robot and a man directed by the duo directors Sabari and Saravanan.

If you want to watch movies online, especially Tamil movies, you can watch them on Aha’s OTT platform. Koogle Kuttappa is a must-watch among these movies, especially if you are a drama movie lover. In this guide, you can easily learn many important things about this movie.

Koogle Kuttapa the Movie

This is a sci-fi comedy and drama movie produced by K.S. Ravikumar, and the cast includes K.S. Ravikumar, Tharshan and Loslitya. This film is written and directed by Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval and Sabari & Saravanan. You will also find actors like Yogi Babu, Suresh Chandra Menon and others playing supporting roles. It is an official Tamil remake of the Malayalam movie Android Kunjappan V.5.25.

The Story

You can watch movies online on Aha from a device of your choice. In this movie. K.S. Ravikumar plays the lead role of Subramani Gounder, who lost his life, and his son Adhithya (Tharshan) is the only individual left to take care of him. But Adhitya looks to move out of Coimbatore and looks to work in a foreign country, and Subramani is afraid that he will die alone.

Fed up with his adamant father, Adhithya accepts a job offer in Germany and leaves his father under the care of a home nurse. But it is found that no one is able to handle the father. After Adhithya returns from Germany for a short trip, he brings a human-robot along with him and leaves it with his father. Slowly the father and the robot form a strong bond, and the film looks at their relationship

Review of the Film

Though the makers did not make a lot of changes to the plot, many changes have been made in this film to the milieu and the screenplay. Though in the original movie made in Malayalam, we get to see more of the father’s life, in this film, you receive a lot of drama that does not fail to deliver the appropriate social messages. There are multiple things you can learn from this Tamil sci-fi film.

Watch This Movie On Aha.

If you want to watch new Tamil drama movies like Koogle Kuttappa, you must stream it on Aha. Other than these, you can watch movies from different genres, both Tamil and Telugu. Subscribe to Aha today to watch Koogle Kuttapa.

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Explore a Whole New Style of Partying with Gangnam Shirtroom

Are you getting tired of going to the same club or bar again and again with your friends? Trying something new is what you might be looking for. However, if you have no idea where and how to explore something entirely different, no worries. Shirtrooms are what you need in your life. You can spend the night of your life having ultimate fun there. It has everything needed to spice the night – partying spirit, hot chicks, and even a fun environment. There is no way you will get bored at Gangnam shirtroom (강남셔츠룸). When you get fed up with your work and daily routine schedule, blow some steam off at shirtrooms.


Characteristics of shirtrooms

Multiple features of shirtrooms will tempt you that are the following:

  • The first and the best thing is that you get to have girls you can pay for their services. You can try the local girls that you might want to impress.
  • The best bars and drinks in the town are there. Get a drink first and go easy and smooth. The tasteful and chilled drinks make your mood – no matter your sexuality. Once you have made yourself comfortable, you will get plenty of girls. To break the ice, you can buy them a drink and start on a good playing field.
  • Once the drinking and dancing part is over, you surely will get exhausted and famished from all the fun you had. You need delicious food or a buffet. Shirtrooms offers the best food buffets with a lot of options from where you can order accordingly. While having dinner, you get to spend some quality time with your partner. You can also book a special private dinner with your date to enjoy meaningful conversations.

The karaoke

Let’s get real here, everyone loves karaoke. A fun and goofy night spent singing and dancing with friends and love interests – what could be better than this.

Karaoke at Gangnam shirtroom 강남셔츠룸 makes your evening all the way more fun and memorable. More often than not, it is hard to find karaoke in clubs or restaurants. But this is not the case with shirtrooms as they provide you with this service. You can dance and sing freely in karaoke rooms, letting the worries and stress fade away from your body.

Give it a try for yourself as you will not regret spending a fun night at the shirtroom. Instead, you might get fond of them.

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art exhibition

Lear more about art exhibition

An art exhibition is an event where art is displayed to the public. The art may be paintings, drawings, sculptures, or other types of artwork.

Exhibitions usually take place in a gallery or museum, but they can also be held in other venues, such as a church or a concert hall. They are often organised by art galleries, museums, or arts organisations.

Exhibitions usually take place in art galleries, museums, or other places where art is usually shown. However, sometimes they are held in other locations such as warehouses or even outdoors.

People who attend art exhibition hong kong may be interested in the art itself, or in the process of creating it. They may also be interested in the history of the artists or the culture that produced the art.

The purpose of an art exhibition is to allow people to see and appreciate the work of artists. It is also a way for artists to share their work with the public and to get feedback from viewers.

Art exhibitions can be a very exciting experience for visitors. They can see new and unusual works of art, and they can learn about different art styles and techniques. They can also meet the artists who created the artworks.

Many musical event hong kong are free to visit, but some may charge an admission fee. It is a good idea to check the website or brochure of the exhibition before you go, so that you know what to expect.

Gallery and museum hours vary, so it is important to check this information before you go. Some galleries and museums are open late on certain days or have special events on weekends.

It is also a good idea to wear comfortable shoes, as there can be a lot of walking involved in visiting art exhibitions. And finally, don’t forget to bring your camera! You’ll want to capture all the amazing artwork you see.

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best home karaoke

Home karaoke machine – the benefits

In current trend, everyone is interested in having a home karaoke machine as this is more beneficial that they sound to be. Especially in this pandemic situation, people find it risky to move towards the common karaoke centers. Hence they are highly interested in having this machine at their home. However, this is not the only reason for buying the home karaoke machine. There are several other reasons. Some of those benefits of home karaoke machine are revealed here.

Any time entertainment

When a person tends to have karaoke machine at their home, they can ensure any time entertainment. That is without moving out of their home, they can have better entertainment with their family whenever they are in need of. Obviously it will also be highly convenient.

To create friends

Today many people are showing interest in having a karaoke machine at their home just in order to make more friends. When they have a karaoke party at their home, they can get the chance to get socialized with their neighbors. And this will help in increasing their bonding with their friends and neighbors.

Stress free lifestyle

When a day is hectic outside, after returning home, one can spend some time in signing karaoke which will be a wonderful way to get relived from stress. The only thing is they must make sure to install the best home karaoke. In order to buy these machines easily and for an affordable price, one can make use of the sellers in the online market.

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First Telugu movie based on zombie

In this scenario where lifestyle is getting bleaker in time management, we always find it difficult to please ourselves in theatres. But as our ancestor quoted, ‘If there is a will, there is a way’. If you don’t want to leave the fun behind, get your digital device and commence your adventure of watching movies online.

These new shades of COVID-19 are darker than the previous ones, so it’s better to stay and enjoy at home: social distancing and the urge to move out only if our administration and government continually request must. To replenish you with a vivid and musing variety of quality content, platforms like aha strive to bring you such experience at home. As OTT platforms rejuvenate the factors such as time, economy, and distancing, it is considered a boost to the film industry’s down sector.

A new dawn of quality is bestowed by the Telugu film industry, aka Tollywood. Frequent past has witnessed back-to-back quality deliveries and top-notch performances in different segments as Plot and scriptwriting, acting, cinematography, and specifically in music as BGMs and all by Tollywood.

A new zombie action horror-comedy movie is now streaming on platforms; Zombie Reddy is a strong technical film with a fantastic story and cinematography. Zombie Reddy is directed by Prasanth Varma and is on track since 5 Feb 2021. A game developer named Mario (TejaSajja), whose new game is on the edge of downfall. To rescue from this situation, Mario heads to Rudravaram in Kurnool to get his friend’s (RJ Hemanth) help in getting the coding right along with his pack, which includes Maggi (Daksha Nagarkar), an interested gamer. On the occasion of his friend’s marriage, he arrived at the destination and founded Nandini Reddy (Anandhi). This disparate bunch soon discovers them striving and assaulting off zombies in reality instead of on digital screens, and the virus is spreading, converting numerous populations; one must find a way to stop the apocalypse.This movie has the entire crux and juice. Also, a quality effort is presented by the makeup team and songwriters. If one wishes to get a good zombie movie covering up all significant aspects, you should probably try not to miss this one.

The best way enjoys to Zombie Reddy while staying at your home is aha. Aha serves you with excellent quality content on your tips. You can watch Zombie Reddy as well as various other Telugu movies online on aha. Further, aha serves as a heavenly destination for the ones who crave Telugu Blockbusters. Aha, OTT is reasonable for several other factors too. It has economic plans with quality picks, which allows aha to be prime among several OTT. If you are willing to dive into this thriller of the Zombie genre, immediately subscribe to aha according to your appetite. A whole new world is waiting for your arrival.

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Find the solution of IPTV in various industries

Many people’s views of video media are changing as a result of IPTV technology. IPTV uses the internet to stream its content, which has several advantages over satellite or conventional cable broadcasting methods. The resulting media can be tailored to suit a variety of uses. Hospitals, colleges, and hotels, for example, will greatly benefit from the capabilities of this service.

IPTV Solution

If you want to add interactivity, transmit to a large number of people without any additional costs, or improve picture quality and video options, this iptv will meet all of your needs and more.


The advantages of IPTV technology for hotels are enormous. You can have on-demand and live access to movies, television shows, and even sports, depending on what you want to give your visitors. You can either provide these for free to any room or charge a fee depending on each collection. On-demand capabilities are much more convenient for hotel guests than traditional television since they are often in and out of their rooms, making it impossible to watch a specific show at a specific time. You’ll also be able to broadcast hotel information and give visitors the option of viewing their payment details on the television.



IPTV technology can also be beneficial in educational environments. Instead of simple morning announcements over the conventional P.A. system, IPTV allows video content to be transmitted to any room in the school. This is also useful for distributing instructional video material to many classrooms at the same time without having to shuffle videos and DVDs around. Teachers, on the other hand, may have access to a variety of educational services at any time. This technology also offers a variety of interactivity opportunities that will almost certainly be creatively introduced in many schools in the future.


Hospitals are another place where this technology can be used. It can be difficult to have a choice of programming to fit everyone’s tastes when there are a large number of patients and rooms. As all patients are often limited to their beds for long periods, television and movies offer a nice relief. While traditional cable systems find it difficult to stream to such a large number of rooms, iptv allows for this at a low cost and without the need for extensive, intrusive wiring in the house.

Hence, IPTV technology with its ever-increasing number of applications, promises to be the television of the future.

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It is a known thing; indoor games do not give opportunity to physical activities. Here is a smart solution that makes people to get more benefits as the outdoors. Playing in ground, under sun has been changed and all the outdoor games have changed as the smart indoor games, giving the same benefit!! Surprised?! Virtual indoor game is the smart solution which makes people to 먹튀 the outdoor games in a right way.



This is the only game, which makes people to get the physical and mental activity. Sports such as the tennis, foot ball, shuttle, etc can be played inside of your house. This makes you to get trained in your favorite sport and even it allows getting the quick tactics and strategies to play the game to win. You can learn the game and simultaneously, it is possible to get the instant activities that challenge you in a huge way.

This creates the great chance and a right solution to learn your favorite sport, play, inspire, to show all your perfections and to make others learn in a great way. It is wiser to make use of this.


This is the perfect virtual sport that makes you to journey all the seasons. Either it may be a nature changes or the stadium changes, even your mood changes, whatever you never need to compromise your match. You can successfully play it in your home in an instant way with the different players available. So, you will be able to get the complete benefit of the sports which you can easily make the opponent to 먹튀 the wickets.

Therefore, this is highly a recommended one to keep in your home to make you stay awake and updated in your favorite sports in an eminent manner.

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Wide range of options and variety of support with the movie streaming website

Movie streaming can be available with the variety of the system and like support. One can get the video link which can be provided in order to get the solution for each and every single issue. can be available with the provider which can be tested enough in terms of using the video link. It can be brought about with growth each and every day. One can get a high-quality service that can be available in terms of getting the maximum access to the channels with high-quality youtubeview.

Best quality of the service with the right support system

It can also get fun the service provider which can be brought about with investment of the considerable sum of money as well as getting the longest support.It can get one the huge amount of Bonus and view with the idea of getting an additional view on video. The support can be available with the streaming website that can get one the presentation with the full movie. can also come with unlimited aspect. The support can be brought about with the range of movies which can be available with rotating selection and also the presentation of the segment category.

Getting a considerable amount of support

 One can get through all kinds of popularity and new arrival which has the stuff pick. It can get one the easy to use a system which can be available with the line up as well as excellent navigation. This can get one the awesome choice which can be available with the free legal the movie streaming. It can get one the free movie show and support with the fantastic service. It can also get one the sci-fi type of the movies which can be available in terms of getting the movies with the priority.


 It can help one to get the movies that can be streamed online the priority can be also brought about with the streaming queue. One can go with the registration and watching of the mature content which can go with the creation of the account.

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Ways to choose good online movie streaming site

We as a whole have various types of diversion during our leisure time. There are the individuals who love going out for the sake of entertainment filled exercises, occasions while others adore staying inside. Indoor fun can enable your body to unwind in the most ideal manner. Watching movies is one great way you can unwind inside. You don’t utilize a lot of your vitality when watching films on the grounds that your body is consistently in a stationary position.

Watching movies at fmoviess likewise accompanies its increases. It catches the consideration of the watchers, and this is fundamental for their wellbeing. Some of them are exceptionally useful, and you get the chance to become familiar with much in the wake of watching them. There are a lot of roads where you can get the most recent motion pictures. One of them is setting off to the theaters or purchasing from motion pictures shops. There are likewise online motion picture spilling locales where you can get the latest discharges.

Accessible Genres

One thing you have to pay special mind to in the online motion picture spilling website you need to pick is the assortments and accessible classes. A few destinations can be restricted to explicit styles or sorts of films, and this may prevent you the sort from securing stimulation you need. A decent spilling site ought to have every one of the assortments.



Most web based gushing locales are typically free, and you don’t need to pay a charge whenever to keep making the most of their administrations. You should pay special mind to any memberships or shrouded charges in the online motion picture gushing webpage you need to utilize. One can agree to those that are putting forth free gushing administrations.


Perusing and tuning in to evaluates from companions or other individuals will enable you to agree to the privilege online motion picture gushing webpage. There are various locales where you can get them positioned by the accessible motion pictures and their administrations. Utilize them by perusing the audits to comprehend which the best motion picture gushing site is.

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