Koogle Kuttappa Movie Review

Koogle Kuttappa is a brilliant sci-fi, comedy and drama movie that Tamil movie lovers would love to see. This is a movie that showcases the life of a robot and a man directed by the duo directors Sabari and Saravanan.

If you want to watch movies online, especially Tamil movies, you can watch them on Aha’s OTT platform. Koogle Kuttappa is a must-watch among these movies, especially if you are a drama movie lover. In this guide, you can easily learn many important things about this movie.

Koogle Kuttapa the Movie

This is a sci-fi comedy and drama movie produced by K.S. Ravikumar, and the cast includes K.S. Ravikumar, Tharshan and Loslitya. This film is written and directed by Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval and Sabari & Saravanan. You will also find actors like Yogi Babu, Suresh Chandra Menon and others playing supporting roles. It is an official Tamil remake of the Malayalam movie Android Kunjappan V.5.25.

The Story

You can watch movies online on Aha from a device of your choice. In this movie. K.S. Ravikumar plays the lead role of Subramani Gounder, who lost his life, and his son Adhithya (Tharshan) is the only individual left to take care of him. But Adhitya looks to move out of Coimbatore and looks to work in a foreign country, and Subramani is afraid that he will die alone.

Fed up with his adamant father, Adhithya accepts a job offer in Germany and leaves his father under the care of a home nurse. But it is found that no one is able to handle the father. After Adhithya returns from Germany for a short trip, he brings a human-robot along with him and leaves it with his father. Slowly the father and the robot form a strong bond, and the film looks at their relationship

Review of the Film

Though the makers did not make a lot of changes to the plot, many changes have been made in this film to the milieu and the screenplay. Though in the original movie made in Malayalam, we get to see more of the father’s life, in this film, you receive a lot of drama that does not fail to deliver the appropriate social messages. There are multiple things you can learn from this Tamil sci-fi film.

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