If you want to set limits on your iPhone children, to prevent them from doing bad things. If you want to find out where your children are using GPS or who they are testing, and what other types of online activities you want to protect from dangerous action, install iPhone spyware for parents. This is a very complete way to protect your child from brutal activities.

The iPhone is an incredible technology. This can do almost everything that is done on the computer. Today, those children who have an iPhone spend a lot of time downloading and playing in various applications, surfing the Internet, sharing and publishing on social networks, and also chatting with their friends. S Parents are concerned about all suspicious activities of their children.

Since today’s young generation is so actively involved in suspicious activities on the Internet. Therefore, parents should use parental control applications to keep their children safe. Once they have installed the spyware for iphone applications, they can easily track and record all user actions and send data to their personal account, which parents can access online from anywhere.

This allows parents to apply parental settings on the target iPhone to limit their use. Installing spyware applications on the iPhone is very simple and convenient.

The following are some features of the iPhone parental control software:

  • Parents can easily block calls and text messages
  • Parents can watch children carefully, everyone shares photos and videos
  • They can check the history of the children’s website, notes and text messages in your post.
  • Full details of all phone calls.
  • Get GPRS tracking information and application installation
  • They can also track downloaded and blocked applications.
  • They can also monitor the content.
  • Baby Watching Mobile Phone

If you want to know what they do online, you can read them in the chat. Parents can also view the browsing history of their Internet and can find all bookmarking sites.

Track your child’s location

From the online control panel, you can view your children’s location history and travel routes to find out where they were at specific times of the day. Therefore, you can monitor iPhone actions on your children, even if you are not with them.

Baby phone management

With this software, you can erase your children’s phone data to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands in case of loss or theft. You can also control children of all types of work and use on your iPhone.

Receive alerts about trigger words and numbers

With the parental control app for iPhone, you can control the dashboard online. You will receive alerts when your children communicate by phone or SMS with the contacts in which you set the “trigger”. This is a great way to instantly discover what your children don’t have enough.