Tender Point, Trigger Point, Release

In the analysis and examination of the recipient, the masseur will be able to find points on the body that are painful when pressed and assuming that there is no other explanation for their tenderness, such as a bruise or injury, these points are said to be tender point . In the method of treatment called relaxation by positioning developed these points appear systematically and are treated by placing the indicated muscle in a position of passive shortening until it is released and the tender point disappears massage therapist in Euless, TX.

A myofascial trigger point, on the other hand, is a point located in a lump of a taut band of skeletal muscle tissue that is extremely painful and relates and radiates pain in a characteristic manner. Trigger points are usually produced by muscle stress, such as overload, repetitive motion, or sudden excessive stretching.

An active trigger point is one that spontaneously produces pain, while a latent trigger point is painful only on palpation by the masseur. Finally, a distinction is made between a primary trigger point , caused by muscle stress, and a satellite trigger point , secondary to a primary trigger point.

As regards instead the term relaxation this is commonly used by the massage therapist to indicate relaxation and lengthening of the soft tissue in response to therapy. In detail, a trigger point is released when its lump is felt to be loose and no longer producing pain. On the other hand, the muscle is released when it relaxes following a massage therapy treatment. Finally, the band is released by stretching and loosening as a result of the masseur’s maneuvers.

Although the sense of relaxation is a subjective experience and difficult to describe it is an unforgettable experience from the recipient once it has been experienced and is a very rewarding feeling for both, masseur and recipient.

Tender Point in the Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

” The Fibromyalgia (FM) is classified as extra-articular rheumatism, functional nature. It is characterized by chronic diffuse musculoskeletal pain and the presence of characteristic tender points. ” (source Brescia Rheumatology)