Construction cleaners can quickly transform a hazardous work environment into a safe and clean one. The construction cleaning process is much more complicated than a typical cleaning job because of the materials being removed from the worksite and the amount of debris found on the average worksite. The cleaners will have to regularly deal with construction dust, stickers, glue residue, building scraps, and paint overspray.

Rough Clean

The rough clean can happen in the middle of a construction project or near the end. During this stage, all debris and dust from the construction process are removed from the worksite.

  • The site’s garbage is removed.
  • Dusted and washed light fixtures and fans
  • Walls should be vacuumed and washed to remove dust, smudges, dirt, and scuff marks.
  • Dusted and wiped down handrails, electrical switches, and mantels
  • Clean the baseboards and trim.
  • Garden debris should be removed from the exterior.
  • Exterior wall power washing
  • The floor has been vacuumed and cleaned. Waxing, polishing, and buffing hard floors are all options.
  • Overspray from the paintbrush is removed.
  • Adhesive residues on windows, doors, and walls are removed.
  • All of the windows, sliding glass doors, and glass partitions have been cleaned thoroughly.
  • Window frames and tracks are cleaned and vacuumed.

Final Clean

The final clean takes place soon after the construction project is finished. It usually includes all of the steps from the rough clean phase. The building is thoroughly and comprehensively cleaned during this stage, with cleaners carefully removing minor blemishes such as smudges and fingerprints.

At this point, floors are frequently given their final finish. The space is considered ready to move into after the final clean is completed.

Touch up clean

  • A few weeks after the final clean, dust may have settled in the property, necessitating a second clean.
  • This cleaning stage is similar to a standard household cleaning routine. The space is dusted, and the cleaners will clean the windows, walls, ceilings, and floors once more.

To thoroughly clean a construction site, a variety of professional cleaning tools and techniques are used. This article will describe the techniques used by post-construction cleaning crews to help you understand this process of construction cleaning services in Hamilton