Marianne Wells Yoga School

Yoga is a perfect refuge for people who want to stay physically fit, but don’t want to go to the gym everyday. Yoga provides them with perfect poses to complete their daily quota of physical activity without getting tired to death. Another great thing about yoga is that it can be done easily without any special equipment.

Wild yoga can be great both for your mental and physical health, there are certain things you should always avoid doing in yoga. Once you start your yoga classes with Marianne Wells Yoga School, avoid making these mistakes.

Don’t Push Yourself Hard

Yoga is not about reaching your peak physical fitness. Rather, it is about making your body flexible, and your mind stronger in the long run. Therefore, there is no need for you to start with the most difficult of yoga poses.

When you start your yoga practice, you might face difficulty in perfecting even the easiest yoga pose. You should take this lightly, and should keep trying for the right pose without pushing yourself too much. Trying to do complex poses on your first day of yoga classes can put your body under lots of strain.

Marianne Wells Yoga School Keep Track of The Weather Conditions

You should keep track of the weather conditions in your locality when you are performing yoga everyday. Yoga should not be done in extreme weather conditions like on hot or significantly cold days.

It is best that you perform yoga in our temperature-controlled area with moderate temperature settings.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Yoga poses are sometimes so complicated that you start focusing on the pose itself rather than breathing properly. Keep in mind that regular breathing is as important as any other yoga pose you might be trying to perform.

These were the things you must avoid in yoga practice.