massage gift cards in Portland, OR

Do you have a pregnant friend who’s having a stressful time as things get closer and closer to the due date? Help her out by gifting her a massage or prenatal yoga session! You can buy them through our website or find one at your local spa.

What is pregnancy massage?

A pregnancy massage is designed to relieve aches, pains, stiffness, and other stresses that come with carrying around an extra human being. Pregnancy massages typically include whole body stretching, focused attention on lower back pain, and gentle rocking movements of the abdomen which may help reduce common discomforts like heartburn, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), shortness of breath when lying down, swelling in the legs or feet.

What does it feel like?

A pregnancy massage feels great with massage gift cards in Portland, OR. You should expect to feel relaxed, supported, and refreshed after a session. The masseuse will often ask you to remove some or all of your clothing so that he or she can focus on the areas that need extra attention. Depending on the type of massage, fingers, hands, and forearms may be used to perform the technique. After your massage has ended, the masseuse will ask you lie still for a few minutes so that you can fully absorb the benefits of the massage before dressing and heading back out into your busy day.

Are they relaxing?

Yes! A pregnancy massage can be very relaxing. Many women report that pregnant massage helped them fall asleep better after their session, and they slept longer than usual the night after receiving a prenatal massage. The benefits should continue into the postpartum period as well, which is why it’s not uncommon for some people to request a prenatal massage during their postpartum checkups with their obstetrician or nurse practitioner.

Where can I get a pregnancy massage?

You can get a massage at most spas, although many of them don’t advertise that they offer pregnancy massages. We suggest asking your friends or someone you trust if they know of anyone who offers prenatal massage in your area. If all else fails, we have a list of companies on our website that offer prenatal and postpartum massage.

What are the risks?

There aren’t many risks to getting a pregnancy massage unless your mother’s doctor has told you that she shouldn’t attempt to lay flat on her back for extended periods without her lying diagonally or sitting up in some way.