Now dating is overwhelmed everywhere in the world. In Africa, four processesare maintained for the marriage of Nyangatom people that are

  • arrange marriage,
  • dating or courtship,
  • abduction,

 In China, dating pattern will be changed. In India majority of people’s marriage are arranged by their parents and relatives. But they also get a chance to explore them to go for a dating with him/ her fiancée. Dating websites are not very popular in India. In Japan, the dating or courtship is calledOmiai. If the couples go many days for a dating this matchmaker can force them by saying it they want to be married or not.

LGBT Community:

The first question will arise in our mind that “what is LGBT Community?”It is the community full of lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgender etc. This community is based on the pride, diversity, individuality,and sexuality. Gay and lesbian communities are present in the city. But many universities and colleges help them to survive them in this world. According to the Universaldictation of Human Eights which is released in 1947 by the United Kingdom, all people of communities are equal to the other people, not only that they have all rights.


When two people are going for a dating, this is arranged by someone else. They act as a matchmaker. It is basically an art. Friends are the most common matchmaker. Beside them, family, office colleagues, matchmaking system, Facebook are the common matchmakers. Parents introduce their children to each other and give them a chance to understand themselves. Matchmaking system includes speed dating, video dating, phone dating, online dating etc. In 1980 and 1990, videodating is started, the people who want to go for a dating, they make a video footage of them which is used in private and after recording it the matchmaker systems present it in front of the interested men or women. In Facebook, some unknown people send a friend request. After accepting and communicate with them the opposite sex people decide to meet for a coffee which is also a dating. But here the matchmaker is Facebook or you call it a social media.


Dating also will be occurred via telephone, voice mail. dating app is very interesting as well as dangerous too. Computer dating is also available which is invented in the 1960s and 1970s.