smart led

Lights provide the brightness that is needed to carry on in life. From morning till night, we are dependent on light to move forward. The lights pave the way to another world where technology plays a major role. The current world is full of spirits. With the advancement in technology, people are able to say the difference between the older generation and the new one. As every product is made available at an affordable rate, the choices and demands of the people change from time-to-time. The current covid-19 situation led many people to work from home. It might seem easy but it requires many devices to be ready from good lighting to a strong internet connection. Near provides the best-led light in Singapore that is attached with smart solutions.

These led lights come with multiple features that enable them to be combined with devices. This helps the people to control the lighting right from their smartphone. Now, there is no need to control the lights one-by-one, just grouping them into a single element will help to manage the smart lights together at an instance. People can also download the Near mobile app from AppStore or Google Play. These lights help to;

  • Create a routine of lights at day time and evening time.
  • Using the app, users can adjust the color of the home lighting and manage the brightness as per the need.
  • This feature also can be controlled through a voice control system where smart lighting can be regulated from any corner of the house.
  • This lighting solution can be shared with other family members and friends.