t shirt uniform printing

So why should you go for cheap singapore t-shirt printing?

As its name suggests, you won’t only get excellent service at a cheap price, but also get more than just t-shirts—there’s a whole range of merchandise that you can get printed. There are hats, sweatpants, rings, key chains, bags, and much more! Unfortunately, only some shops offer this advantage and range of printing stuff, so you will have to do thorough research before you can find good quality T-shirt printing in Singapore.

What Is One Procedure Used In T-Shirt Painting In Singapore?

One of the most mainstream printing procedures around t-shirt printing is silk-screen printing, which gives you the quickest result in the printing history of t-shirt printing.  This printing technique includes a silk-screen to move a plan onto a base, which is why its name is ‘silk-screen’. The initial step to the silk-screen printing measure includes making a printing outline, where the plan is imprinted onto a silk-screen, so the ink can be moved. The edge is then positioned onto a T-shirt, and utilizing a scrubber, the tones are screened (one layer for each shading, up to a limit of four tones) for the picture to be moved over from the casing to the T-shirt.

Sum up

Not just actual paint on t-shirts, some shops that do singapore t-shirt printing take it to the next level and do embroidery that looks like actual paint. It all depends on you if you want to go for silk-screen painting on your t-shirt or embroidery painting.