The internet is one of the best places to catch fun and communicate with your loved ones. If you want to keep in touch with a loved one that resides very far from you, the best way to do that is to communicate with them via the internet and your mobile devices.  The introduction of video calls even makes communication a lot more interesting since it ensures you can see the person you are communicating with across a far distance. While the Smartphone can keep you in contact with someone far away, it may also expose you to unwanted attentions.  While using your Smartphone, you need to consistently ask this question: am I being watched?  This will keep you on your toes and help you to take precautions against unwelcome eventualities.

Who can watch you?

You can be watched by government agencies in their bid to keep a tab on every citizen towards preventing antisocial activities. Government agencies may also keep a tab on citizens for security reasons, especially if that individual is a person of interest. Commercial organizations and advertisers can also keep tab on you as you use your mobile devices. They want to know about your internet browsing history so that they can serve you with ads that are targeted towards your specific needs. When asking the question: am I being watched? You should also consider hackers; hackers are also in the habit of spying on those whose mobile phones. The intentions of the hackers are not difficult to understand; they want to steal your data and use it to harm you one way or the other. Click here

scramblerzInformation you should protect

You should protect your personal details from being accessed by these criminals and even government agencies they can focus on your IP address and use this to hack into your computer to steal your data and detect your location.  They can also focus on the websites that you visit and can easily access this information if you are using Google or you enable GPS on your mobile device.  The GPS will follow your route everywhere and also record everywhere you visit.  Those watching you can also focus on your cookies, which are monitored for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the website you visit functions properly
  • To help in personalizing any website to the preference of the end user.
  • To collect series of information about the things you do on the website you visit.

What to do

You can update your operating system, as well as, your anti-virus software to put the activities of the hackers in check.  You can also go for factory rest on your mobile device to cut off the progress of hackers. However, make sure you copy all your important documents and apps somewhere safe before you do factory formatting.