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All You Need To Know How To Install Fake Text Messenger!

Text messages are great tool to give your love life a kick, well, if you are thinking to fool your friend by sending  fake text from their  girlfriend or boyfriend, then this is the perfect stop as here you will get to know  how you can easily send the text to whoever you wish to send prank message. Here we give you some tips that would help you to free install.

In addition, you can easily download it from the play store as it is available for only for IOS devices as this would certainly help you to take up things in the right direction. The process is pretty easy and simple as all you have do is to choose the right platforms. Apart from that it is save your from some awkward and emergency situations and at the same time you can have fun and frolic with your friends.

free install

 How to install the app?

  • The process is simple and easy so let us quickly jump on the process so that you can get it on your phone too.
  • Go to the play store section of your phone, now type Fake text message, you will get the numerous other app and go with the one that has blue and look like messenger so go with that one.
  • Now click on the download, you need to have the good internet connection for faster download.
  • Once the app is download it will be install on its own provide feedback when required once the process is done you will see this amazing app in your phone with free install.

Now that you are well aware on how to download the app, it is important to understand the process as this would help you to enjoy the app and at the same time you can easily send the text to yourself from friend or from any celebrity. So, now that you are having on your phone make use of the app as this would help you to have fun and enjoy the app astonish your friend with fake messages from celebrity.

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