If you have a small size kitchen with limited counter spaceand thinking about where to fix your microwave oven. It is quite challenging task for every house owner, but little bit simpler if you look for a professional help. There are several numbers of unique and innovative ways available for the solution where to put microwave in small kitchen. You can find the several areas to place your oven based on its size and your personal preferences.

Install microwave in small kitchen:

  • Over the stove – Installing your oven over the stove is absolutely the best place in the small kitchen. Positioning your microwave on top of the stove provides you dual benefits of functioning as the hood vent and also saving space.
  • Below the counter – You can also install your microwave oven below the counterpart. It leaves your counter free and saves more space in the smaller kitchen. But it gives you some safety risks so think before installing oven below the counter.

Other ways to put microwave oven:

  • Built-in unit – The house owners can go for the built-in unit designs where to put microwave in small kitchen. This design is usually installed higher and gives you more cohesive look at all.
  • Inside the cabinet – Inside the cabinet is one of the best places where you can able to install the microwave oven.

When you place your oven inside the cabinet with the door, it is very simpler to access. It is better considering the glass door to install for this purpose.