cam locks

Cam locks are the type of locking mechanisms that are L-shaped. This is typically used for securing cabinets, enclosures as well as lockers. These cam-locks are mainly composed of two major parts. This includes a cylindrical keyed nut as well as the tongue bar.

Different facts to know about the cam locks

cam locks are available in many styles and designs to suit the needs of their customers. The larger cam locks are mainly secure. The same can be used in the case of high-security applications. The mini cam locks are mainly used in the case of small panels. One must take into account some of the below important aspects at the time of buying the cam locks:

  1. At the time of choosing cam locks, it is necessary to take into account the material. Different types of cam locks are mainly made of different types of materials. The Zinc alloy is a famous material from which the cam locks are mainly made.
  2. If someone is planning to buy different types of cam locks, then it is necessary to choose the locks which are keyed alike. The keyed alike implies that the same key will mainly be able to work for different types of cam locks.
  3. The keyless thumb-turn cam locks are mainly designed to prevent the front of cabinets as well as enclosures from opening.

These cam locks are mainly found in the case of cabinets as well as furniture kits. These are some of the important facts to know about cam locks.