Many people like to get their body skin tanned. Because the tanned skin makes them look gorgeous. Tanned skin is also regarded as appealing in many Western cultures. More American people make use of indoor tanning methods such as tanning lamps, tanning beds, melanin injections to darken their skin. While many people like the way bronzed skin looks, tanning has no health benefits.

Melanotan I and Melanotan II are two types of melanin injections. Both injections function by simulating alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in the body. This hormone binds to melanocortin receptors in your skin cells and activates the development of the pigment melanin. The darker your skin is, the more melanin your skin cells make.

Melanotan I lasts longer in your body before being broken down by enzymes than Melanotan II. When Melanotan I is used medically, it is referred to as afamelanotide.

Scenesse is the brand name for afamelanotide, which is used to avoid phototoxicity in people who have erythropoietic protoporphyria. When people with this unusual genetic condition are exposed to sunlight or other artificial lights, they feel intense pain.

Melanotan II binds to a broader range of receptors and has a shorter life in the body than Melanotan I. It may also cross the blood-brain barrier, causing symptoms such as appetite loss, sexual dysfunction, and exhaustion. Melanotan II isn’t used to treat any medical problems right now.

Melanotan I and Melanotan II melanin injections are both unregulated and are often sold illegally on the internet. Since no regulating health agency monitors online vendors, there’s a good chance that items have been mislabeled or contain impurities.