custom yard signs in Prescott, AZ

In the age of physical marketing, some aspects of physical marketing haven’t lost their charm. One of the cheapest and most efficient ways to get your messages across to the masses is to erect yard signs. Yard signs are simple and super-efficient. They are very versatile and can be used for anything, anywhere. You can get any message across. Publicize it quickly with a yard sign, be it a party, an event, your business, or a product launch.

Yard signs should catch the eye of the audience and deliver the message within minutes, as the audience usually are passers-by vehicles; they do not have enough time to stay and read anything. Use custom yard signs in Prescott, AZ, based on your purpose and preference.

Tips To create a yard Sign for Marketing

If you are marketing a product, understand who your audience is. Collect information about demographics, class, gender, age, and locality. Based on the data, customize your Yard signs.


The color of the Signboard should be bright and vibrant, and the fonts should be in high contrast. For example, if you use black on a yard sign, use yellow or similar color for the fonts and vice versa.


Use simple and bold fonts, do not use animated or curvy fonts, as they are not so easy to read when moving. Keeping the fonts simple, bold, and thick makes them legible. Also, use larger fonts to help people read the letters from far away.


Do not apply the formula ‘the bigger, the better, here. Use only optimum size boards and erect them only a little above the eye-level of people. This will make it easy for them to read.


Choose the color scheme based on your product and create a big picture of the product or event you promote. Also, add the contact number and make it visible.


Yard signs are handy as marketing tools. If you are starting a business, you should think about erecting a custom yard sign in Prescott, Az, to announce it. Remember the tips mentioned above while customizing your yard sign; no eyes will miss your sign.