water softener

If you want to improve your quality of life starting with the water that runs through your pipes, then you need to consider getting a water softener. If you buy the right quality water softener, it can help make your life easier if you are dealing with hard water. The minerals found in your water can not only give it a funny taste, but it can also cause buildup that can lower the lifespan of your appliances and skin irritation.

What Can A Water Softener Do?

As mentioned above, if you are having trouble with hard water, water softeners Akron is the solution to your problem. If you are not aware of what it can do, you have come to the right place. A water softener “treats” the water. It can remove its hardness as well as the minerals that come with it through the ion exchange process.

Water softeners have mineral tanks that have resin beads. It has a brine tank where you can find the salt. These two can be in one unit, or these tanks can be separate. With water softeners, you can choose whether you soften all or just the hot supply. The resin beads are the ones responsible for creating the ionic process, which can remove the hard particles.

Understanding The Resin Beads

When the water comes into the tank of the water softener, it will flow through the beads. Unwanted elements are removed from the water, where it is also “softened.” What happens is that the electrical charge of the resin beads contradicts with that from the water supply. Because of this difference, the beads will attract the hardening particles, and soft water will be released.

water softener

Resin beads will get full of the particles it filtered from the water. These beads can only hold so much of the materials they filtered. When this happens, the water softeners will go through a regeneration cycle. Using a salt-water mixture, it will flush the hardened particles out of the resin beads. If you have a good-quality water softener, its resin beads can also last for as long as the softener lasts. The salt, though, needs to be regularly replenished.

Choosing the Best Water Softener

Your needs, as well as your budget, are the vital determining factors when selecting a water softener. Each of the water softeners has its characteristics that make them different from the others. The NSF certification is just one of them. NSF conducts independent research, and every product with its certification assures consumers that it is safe to use. It would also be great if your water softener has a built-in salt level gauge. This way, you can quickly tell if your water has the right amounts of sodium. Some models have sensors that will remind you when it’s time to add more salt.

Buying a water softener for the first time is not going to be easy. You need to know and understand everything about a water softener before you buy one. Do you need one? Yes, you do if you want safe and healthy water in your home.