League of Legends Latin America South server

What is a League of Legends LAS server? It’s a place at gamestore.live, a renowned gaming site supported by Google, where you can play League of Legends as you have never played before! What’s the deal with us? Continue reading the article and find out!

League of Legends LAS account will improve your ratings!

League of Legends Las account at gamestore.live will improve your League of Legends ratings and gain you the access to the world of possibilities!  In games of this type, ranking is a very important thing, because where you are in the game, who you play with, tools availability and other perks are decided by the way you’re ranked. If you’re an experienced LoL player, than you surely must know that becoming highly ranked is not a piece of cake. You need to spend hours and hours in front of your computer trying to get your ranks up in order to play the real game. If this statement refers to you, then you should most definitely visit gamestore.live and open up a LAS server account!

Is that all at gamestore.live?

No, most definitely that is not all! We can offer more skins, especially the ones that cannot be found anywhere else because of the game’s rapid development! Moreover,you will get more champs and the ability to play on your own or in a team, but you will most certainly benefit from purchasing a League of Legends LAS account.

League of Legends LAS account

Gamestore.live offers you to play with natives!

Opening a new account on a foreign server may sound appealing to you at first, but what happens when you can fit in the virtual surroundings? Needn’t worry, because gamestore.live offers you the possibility to play with people from your proximity and have fun with the people who really get you!

Worried about your account?

Your account can’t get lost or banned at gamestore.live! By purchasing a LoL LAS account, you can be sure that it cannot be banned or lost, because YOU are the person who creates the username and the password and you are the only one who will have the access to your account after purchasing! Bonus is that you can play right away, the moment the purchase is done. Also, on our servers you won’t be playing with botted accounts so there is no possibility for your account to be banned. The  IP address will also always work and you will have the access to all our features! Check us out!