It is happening!

         The bitcoin is a hot topic even today and ever since came into being. Even though not many countries recognize it and have not given a legal status to it, the popularity is still growing. There are many discussion sessions conducted on the topic of the crypto currency and people are yet to understand how to bring it into actual usage in the mainstream. However, there are certain aspects to consider before taking the step. The crypto currency neither does nor operates through the banks and transactions are between the block chain members and the network has few people when compared with the mainstream bank users. The value and flexibility of the bitcoin is not well addressed and the challenges of using the bictoin are also to be considered. How the bitcoin price is yet another important matter to be taken into serious consideration.

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Consider the trends:

  • Even though the bitcoin is a crypto currency, the users would like to give it the status of a well exchanged currency in their own terms and the value of the currency is one important aspect that has to be taken into consideration.
  • The bitcoin is analyzed as far as the value of the currency is concerned and is set in comparison with the US dollar often even from the beginning of its inception.
  • The rate at the beginning of its introduction was about a meager 0.3 US dollars. But the previous year of 2019 it saw a growth of 13,000US dollars which was taken to be a very positive aspect.
  • However, the ups and downs have been going over the past decades that it was in existence. The bitcoin price can be looked at on the webpage where the graph is explained for easy understanding.