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Graphic Design and its Elements for Rookies

While designing a webpage, a brochure, or an e-invitation for a corporate event, we think about color, fonts, size alignment, background designs, etc. Sometimes, the results turn out well. Otherwise, they end up being too chaotic and loud.

Also, while designing, we take a lot of time doing trial and error and testing every font and design at every step. At a point, everything looks similar, and yet everything looks different. You are still unsatisfied trying to match the pro websites and brochures on the net. This is why you should hire a graphic designer. Hiring a professional for graphic design in Pickering, ON, is an easy task.

But even after hiring to let them know your requirements and what looks best on the website or print, understand the elements of Graphic Design.

Elements of Graphic Design

Layout and Alignment

This is a primary yet very intricate task in designing and designing a proper layout that ensures that the elements are placed in the right correcting the right places. The same kind of layout can look monotonous; a mix and match of several layouts that complement each other and bring out a visual appeal are necessary.


The more subtle it is stronger it sends home the message. Playing with fonts can irritate people and spoil the overall look. Different fonts on the same page will mar the theme of your page and will look like a child’s play. Select a simple font and stick to it for content and headings; use a bigger size and bold or italicize to highlight it. Use a maximum of 3 types of fonts in the entire project and nothing more than that.

Colour Palette

Colors play a vital role in enhancing the aesthetics of your project. Choose a unique color that you feel represents your brand better and stick to it for all the projects. Use it against a black or white background or a lighter shade of the same color.


Keep it clutter-free, don’t try to cram it with many graphics and colors. Making sure that there is enough white space is also essential. Keeping background space can give you the right amount of contrast and make it easy on the eyes.


Graphic Design might seem a simple task until you sit and start doing it. It is an intricate job and involves a lot of details. It is best left to the professionals. While briefing, the designers keep these elements and ideas in mind so that together you can bring out the best output.

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