Get The Best Red Prawn During Singapore Online

Not all of us have heard about the exotic fruits found in Southeast Asian countries. There are quite rare species of fruits that you find in Singapore and Malaysia. There is a very popular and famous fruit in the areas of Singapore and Malaysia. This fruit is most commonly known as the red prawn durian fruit. This fruit certainly does not taste like prawns, and neither does it entirely look like one. However, this fruit resembles quite a lot like cooked shrimp. You can buy the best red prawn durian singapore nearby or in any online store.

How does the red prawn look?

The interior of this fruit is somewhat pinkish. It also has a curved shape. The taste of this fruit, on the other hand, is bittersweet with a gooey and sticky texture. This is quite a costly fruit that is found in the markets of Malaysia and Singapore. Durian lovers all over the world crave this unusual exotic fruit that tastes divine. The streets of Singapore have their markets where you can explore this Red prawn durian fruit.

Make desserts with red prawn 

The best red prawn durian singapore fruit is often used in various recipes. Most of these recipes are desserts. People love eating this fruit raw and use it in making smooth ice-creams, pastries, and many other different kinds of sweets. The strong scent of this fruit makes the dessert not only tasty but also quite aromatic. The bitter taste of this fruit does not overpower, and the sweetness sweeps through it into the desserts quite well.