When installing a new sunroom or screen room, the ABC Sunrooms and Windows experts are the best. They will take the time to inspect your property and learn about your requirements, expectations, and financial constraints before making recommendations on the most appropriate course of action.

A screened in porch serves as an extension of your indoor living space while also giving you the sense of being outside in the comfort of your home. In addition to keeping pests and bugs out of your seat, the soft breeze may still flow through the thin screening to keep you comfortable while taking in the fresh air. To create your own ideal covered indoor-outdoor living area, take a look at the innovative screened porch lighting, flooring, furniture, and décor ideas to make a place you won’t want to leave.

Consider it a sunroom with a gentle wind or a patio without direct exposure to the outdoors. A well-designed enclosure is someplace you’ll want to hang out and a location where you can take a moment to reflect.

Prepare a Beautiful Environment

Beyond the apparent components required for a practical design, such as screening and seating, various optional additions may elevate your porch to the level of a second living room if you so want. Consider the modifications to your screened-in patio, which will soon become everyone’s favourite gathering place.

Install temperature control and air quality improvement features on your porch so that you may enjoy your porch even when the weather is less than perfect.A screened-in porch will undoubtedly block part of the light that enters neighbouring rooms, which should be considered. Aside from that, depending on the kind of screen you choose, the screens themselves may be able to reduce the quantity of light that enters the porch and neighbouring rooms. Installing skylights on your screened-in porch is one method to get around this.


If you live in a bug-prone region, the porch screen you select may make the difference between keeping bugs out and allowing them to in. You will be able to tell what gets through or not, depending on the screen size or mesh you use.