Different Kinds of the Air Purifiers – Explained in Detail

Air purification might occur on different levels within the device. Some products combine performance of many air purification methods. Here we can help you to get familiar with the top popular ways and filters for purifying the domestic air and for more details visit

  1. HEPA: These air purifier filters are made from the mat of arranged fibers. These fibers are generally composed of fiberglass. An important factor that affects the functions are the fiber diameter, face velocity and filter thickness. Common assumption that the HEPA air purifier filter acts like the sleeve where the particles smaller than biggest opening will pass through is impractical and incorrect.
  2. Ultraviolet or UV germicidal irradiation: UVGI is used for sterilizing air quality in various areas of living. Generally, it uses UV lamps & forced air. The air purification UVGI is freestanding units with the protected UV lamps, which use the fan and force air past this UV light.
  3. Electrostatic: They are the washable furnace filters, which work by having the multiple layers of the vented metal where air passes through. When air goes through its first layer of air filtration, air molecules are charged positively by friction between air and filter. New positively charged molecules attach themselves on the next some layers when they pass through rest of this filter.
  4. Zeolite or Carbon: Similar to other kinds of the air filtration, the carbon filtering is one method that uses activated carbon for removing any impurities or contaminants. Every carbon piece is made to provide the large range of surface area, to allow the contaminants the exposure to filter media.


There’re two kinds of carbon filters that are used in filtration industry: granular activated filters and powdered block filters. Generally, carbon block air filters are highly effective in removing the larger number of the contaminants that are based on higher carbon area.

  • Zeolite is the mineral commonly used as the adsorbent. It’s made from hydrated silicon compounds, oxygen and aluminum.
  • It has natural capability of trapping the toxic gases or odors like ammonia, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. The mineral is commonly used and found in a lot of household items like cat litter, fertilizers, laundry detergents, and dietary supplements.
  • Zeolites have the porous structure that means they have an ability to trap any unwanted odor or liquid molecules. The Zeolite happens naturally in above forty countries as well as is mined in dozen of the countries that includes the US, South Africa, Bulgaria, and Italy.
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