Street Wear Fashion

Eighties look was all about the specific type style for the jeans and boots or specific hairstyle that complemented ‘heavy’ look. And there was heavy look which jeans and denim were a part of however, now in new millennium, the much lighter style and look is required for new arrival แปลว่า.

What is needed is the natural look! Jeans: It’s all about staying natural and do not forget denim for the jackets, shirts, skirts, and jeans for example denim sleeveless shirts and jackets sleeved and sleeveless.

Jeans fashion is all about shaping your jeans: Getting right shape, tapered, fitted, baggy, clingy and then trousers kind of jeans. The denims are about look too. You can think of denim blue; unwashed blue and khaki top or you can see the jeans embody your casual look and it came through in eighties look where the hold’em denim ประวัติ with the cropped jackets or boots was an important look. Eighties was about imagining perhaps different kind of figure in jacket and jeans but now it cannot be an obvious silhouette. However, what’s described here for 80s is clean look, clean cut look as well as not edgy look. However, now jeans are used to create edgy and not only the standard look or clean cut look.

What looks for jeans and denim?

An equestrian look will inspire the new style for denim and jeans. Instead of the high boots, the eighties style and high equestrian boots, you can get something less obvious for example heeled shoes and ankle boots. This style is equestrian & cropped jeans will be suitable e.g. fitted cropped jeans. However, what about the bootleg look– trousers look for the jeans–and these will be cropped. The trousers look for the jeans will ‘look’ equestrian and suitable shirt that will create the straight silhouette– long ‘straight’ equestrian appearance.