medical grade air sanitiser

The medical facilities like the doctor’s offices & dentist’s offices can benefit a log from making use of the air purifiers. Any area that is often visited by the people having illnesses generally has the high concentration of air contaminants. As medical grade air sanitiser technology has improved, and can it is completely possible to create portable and unobtrusive products, which will purify the surrounding air in the waiting room, dental operatory or exam room. It reduces spread of the sickness & airborne or surface pollutants, germs and contaminants.

Where HEPA Filters Can Be Used in the Hospitals?

These HEPA filters make the air purifiers to stand out in hospital (clinic) and are very useful as they are used in different hospital rooms, like:

  • Pharmacies
  • Emergency rooms
  • ICUs
  • Laboratories
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Rooms with patients having any respiratory problems
  • Pediatrics

Importance of the Hospital Grade Filtration System

Why hospitals need to install air filtration system? Let us look some important reasons:

  • Keep your indoor air safe and clean to breathe for people with poor immune systems (like kids, elderly and pregnant women)
  • They will filter out air contaminants and allergens that will cause spread of the germs, diseases & illnesses

Some of them filter out the harmful gases & fumes so patients will not get affected they’re important for the isolation rooms (for example ICU) and keep patients free from the harmful particles in the air