certified construction specifier

How can I choose a suitable architect is one of the doubts that will soon appear in your head if you want to build or reform your house. Many people, when they make the decision to build their house do not know where to start, the information is quite dispersed and does not know the steps to follow or who you have to tell in this process. If you do not have a close relationship with one, you probably do not know what exactly an architect is, what functions he has or what he can do for you. Do not worry, it is usual to confuse your skills and even confuse it with other professionals. Let’s see how to solve your doubts.


Before getting into the steps to know how to choose an architect, let’s briefly explain what an architect is and what functions he has.  Although it seems simple, it is not so much. If you ask people many times they will tell you that an architect is a person who designs your house or who helps you in the process of building your house. If right. But an architect is much more..


The definition of an architect is  certified construction specifier  something quite complicated to define today. Due to the complete training and the strong global economic crisis in recent years, the architect has stopped building buildings to devote himself to many other facets: assessing buildings, divulging architecture, designing all kinds of products and furniture, advising on construction, etc … You would be surprised if I tell you that with the title of architect you can compete for fire chief or that I know architects working on the creation of videogames.

certified construction specifier


  • He is not in charge of drawing the plans that the client has designed.
  • It is not the person who imposes his ideas independently of the needs or preferences of the client. In the end, it is the client’s house, not the architect’s.
  • It is not the professional who makes a drawing and disregards the work.
  • It is not the person who hired you will increase the cost of your home. A good architect will make you save more than your fees.
  • It is not the client’s enemy, but a mediator between client, constructor, and collaborators. The architect has to be at the service of the client.
  • It is not the one that performs the topographic studies (a measurement of the plot and delimit) and soil studies. These studies will be carried out by an external company.

   It is not responsible for the correct execution of the construction. The architect detects faults in the work according to the project. The rigger and constructor are responsible for the correct execution.