Music warms the soul. It transcends territories and time. Becoming a musician has an appeal because you will become a part of many people’s lives. If you want to be a musician, the first step is to choose the instrument you want to play. If you choose piano, you should know different things about it before actually buying.

Buying your first piece is confusing because there are many kinds and technical jargons you need to think about but do not let it discourage you. Initially, you have to decide between an acoustic, electronic keyboard and a digital piano. An acoustic piano is a traditional form of playing the piano. It makes sound through vibrations produced by a hammer striking a string with 88 keys. Electronic keyboard pianos are smaller with 61 keys. This piano is portable with the ability to interact with computers through USB or MIDI connections

Digital pianos are a combination of an acoustic and electronic keyboard. The sound quality is better than an electronic keyboard because of the built-in speakers and 88 keys.  Digital pianos have a MIDI output that facilitates connection to a computer. This feature aids in recording, editing and adding parts easily.

If you want a digital piano, you should be aware of the different kinds to make an informed decision. Here are the different kinds of a digital piano:

Grand digital pianos
The grand digital piano can be a focal point or highlight of the room because of its size. While it is beautiful, many musicians find it hard to move this kind of piano not to mention it comes with high maintenance issues. You have to make sure that it is tuned regularly.

Upright digital pianos
Upright digital pianos are perfect for home practice because of its design. It was created to sit up against a wall. Upright digital pianos are designed with a fixed stand or sustain pedals to keep it in one place.

Stage digital pianos
Stage pianos are portable and live bands use it. Many musicians consider this kind of piano because it resembles a modern music workstation. It is not imitating the appearance of acoustic pianos. Most stage pianos lack amplification and built-in loudspeakers because there is always a good quality PA system or keyboard amplifier to supplement the sound. If you want a durable yet portable piano, this is the perfect thing for you.

It would be helpful to read the CityLineSound reviews first to give you an idea of the best digital pianos in the market. As soon as you determined what you want, you have to go straight to the local music store nearby and try it. Do not be shy to try it. If you are still learning, you can always press the demo mode button.

If you are thinking about the price, you should know that acoustic pianos are more expensive than digital pianos. The price of the digital piano will depend on the brand and model. If you want an upgrade in the future, the resale value of digital pianos is lower than acoustic pianos.