What Are The Different Types Of Cannabis Seed?

Cannabis seeds are a product of two heterosexual plants. Consumption of these seeds not only gives you protein, but they also keep your blood pressure in check. They are healthy for your heart as well as your body. The cannabis seeds may be smaller in size but provide better health benefits.

Types of cannabis seeds

Yes, these small seeds come in different varieties. There are three different types of cannabis seeds:

  • Regular Seeds

These seeds are a product of a male and female plant. They can be of either sex. To know the gender, the plant needs some growth. A plant needs to be mature enough to flower. This type of seeds demands more light and proper care. Only a single one may require more than 12 hours of sunlight every day. Collectors may use them to grow their own. It is the cheapest way to get more cannabis plants.

  • Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are seeds that only produce female plants. These seeds tend to grow quicker than others. There are various methods to encourage cannabis to produce feminized seeds. You can spray the plant with a colloidal silver solution. A female plant pollinating with another female can also produce feminized seeds. The male plant is removed so that the female can pollinate with the same sex.

  • Auto-flowering Seeds

When a plant starts producing seeds without enough sunlight, the outcome is auto-flowering seeds. For these seeds, there is only one plant species, Cannabis Ruderalis. Once these plants get mature, they start flowering no matter how much light they receive.

Now that you know about different cannabis seeds, it’s time to buy one. You can either buy new ones regularly or grow your own with a few. Each type will have its advantages and disadvantages. It is better to analyze and then buy what you want.

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