Online notes sharing

Online notepad with password protection is a perfect tool for anyone who needs to do research and note-taking. It allows you to have an open access where you can save info that’s important, whether it’s about assignments or just thoughts that come up. online notepad with password can also be set up so everything is private and only those with the password can view the information.

To make the process more efficient, online notepad has a search feature that gives you tons of pertinent results from Google and other sources, along with tagging features to group notes by topic. Here are ways to use online notepad for research and note-taking:

Create an online notepad spreadsheet with password protection

Create a spreadsheet and set it to be accessible by anyone with the password. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a free or premium account. Every time you want to add notes, just save them in the file. If you ever need to search for something, use the search feature or tags.

Choose tags that are relevant to your topic

When saving information into online notepad, it is important that everything is labeled clearly so there is no confusion later on. The best way to do this is to choose a tag for every category. For instance, if you are writing notes about your grades, then put a category named “Grade” and another one called “Grades”. Once you finish saving your information into online notepad, then you can simply click on the tag icon and it will group your notes by the tag that you chose.

Create a “To Do” section

It’s not uncommon for you to think of things that you need to do later. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to keep track of tasks if you don’t have an online notepad that allows for this feature. Setting up an online notepad that has the ability to create a “to do” section is easy as long as you create a spreadsheet that is divided into different categories. Every time you finish with one category, just move on to another and mark it off your list.