Graduate or worker need to re enhance their skills from time to time to meet the raised expectations in the job market. What they have studied may have become old and they need to learn new set of skills to stay relevant in the current tough job field. But not many will be able to spend out of their pockets and learn new courses. They need the financial support from someone else to take up the new expensive skillsfuture courses Singapore. With the skills future funding, they can get the required credit to take up the course and rearm them to face the job market and enhance their salary.

How it works

Any Singapore national of age above 40 can take up the skills future program and they will be getting 90% of the course fee as subsidy under this program to enhance the mid career to blooming new jobs.  Any Singapore national of age 21 and above can enjoy the standard training grants from Skills future Singapore when they sign up for the SSG-Supported courses.

All the Singaporean nationals of age 25 and above will get the support credit of $500. They will be able to use the credit to offset skills related course fee by accessing the website after they receive their account activation letter. It is wonderful initiative to skill or re skill yourself with the support of the credit facility. Make full use of it and make yourself more skilled in the tough market scenario.