Once you purchase a car, you want it to look its best right away. It has to have the best set of wheels. It must look detailed, and its headlights have to be new, and so on. So if you’re searching for the best car detailing and פוליש לרכב נתניה, then Shemtov Group is the best place to visit. Here, your vehicles will look brand new! They offer car detailing and grooming for both internal and external. They have the plasticine treatment. Additionally, Shemtov can clean your vehicle’s engine and so much more. So if you want to know what services they offer, read on to find out.

Impressive Car Detailing & Polishing by Shemtov Group

The Magnificent Plasticine Treatment

One of the best services Shemtov currently has is the plasticine treatment, which they offer to car enthusiasts who want their cars to look shiny and free from dirt. Your vehicle may sometimes have stubborn impurities that won’t come off after regular washing. So in cases like these, the best choice would be a plasticine treatment. And if the dirt sticks regularly, Shemtov will need to aggressively polish it to remove that impurity. As a result, your vehicle will look new again since it doesn’t have any dirt on the surface!

Engine Cleaning for a Better Driving Experience

The engine is the most important and most expensive part of your car. If there’s something wrong with your engine, it will be a bit pricey to have it checked and fixed. So it’s important that you get your engine cleaned every once in a while. Luckily for you, Shemtove Group offers an engine cleaning service where they will take care of your engine by washing and polishing it. Furthermore, they will apply protective materials to all the plastic parts, rubber pipes, and metal parts of the engine to keep it clean and protected. It will be the best treatment your car will ever have.

The Magnificent Plasticine Treatment

Treating Your Car to a Polishing Spa

Polishing from Shemtov Group allows them to go and treat the deeper damaged part of the vehicle. When you go for a car polishing, it will remove the top layer of your car’s paint. It contains natural damage caused by improper rinsing. Some examples are scratches, heavy dirt, and water stains. So to ensure that your car doesn’t have these unpleasant patches all over, polishing can help buff it all out while ensuring your vehicle gets the protection it needs. Overall, it looks new and better!